Saturday, October 25, 2008

{cUTeSt cHAIr eVER}

tHIS chAiR iS aCTUaLLY rEaL sTURdY, aND vERY aNTRHROPoLoGIe liKE. iT iS juST bRAND nEW recoVEReD. i THInK iF yoU HAD a ClUStER OF uNIqUE cHAIRS lIKE tHIS oNE FoR tHE kITCHeN tABLE iT wOULD bE ADoRABLe. oR jUST sitTINg By ItSELf wITH A big FAT pUMpKIn oN it. iT IS {$120}

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